Character Creator

I’ve made a character creator, I would like to sell on the Marketplace so I’m gauging any interest from you.
Here is the demo video of my prototype:

I know, there are some character customization packages on the Marketplace already, but this is something I didn’t found there.
Here is a brief description of what can be customized:

  • Gender (male, female)
  • Body type (skinny, fit, dev, muscular, fat, old)
  • Face (3 types)
  • Clothing (hats, masks, tops, bottoms, shoes, gloves, backpack, army vest)
  • Hair, moustache, eyeborows, skin color

Skeleton is UE4 compatible. Meshes are from Mixamo. You can create your custom meshes for body types via Mixamo Fuse pretty easily.

Something about me:
I’m a professional programmer, mostly of the web, but I’m really passionate to Unreal Engine and I would like to sell some of my work, mostly blueprints, on the Marketplace to make some money to buy a new high-end computer to make more awesome packages to sell. This is my first try, so I really appreciate any comments and questions. Thanks.