Character creator with clothing?

I’m coming from Unity, and wanted to see if there was a good solution or a suggested setup to create a character customization system in UE4. In Unity Im using MegaFiers to import morph targets for the body transformations, and using MegaFiers Wrap to allow automatic “skinning” of clothing. This allows me to not have to skin each clothing item, and it will also automatically adjust to the changes of the characters shape.

Is this something that can be done in UE4? If not, does anyone have any suggestions or “best-practices” when it comes to a customization system, including the ability to swap out clothing and items?


Any thoughts?

You can import morph targets right inside the Persona tool, and could write some in-game UI to apply them.

I don’t know what MegaFiers Wrap does, but we don’t have support for weighting meshes in the engine itself. The easiest way to make a modular character is using multiple SkeletalMeshComponents set to use one as the ‘master pose component’ for animation.