Character Creator 3 UE Ray Tracing Problem

I have run into a problem using Character Creator 3 and the new SkinGen on characters imported into Unreal Engine. I set up the UE project at maximum quality, ray tracing enabled. When I bring my character into the UE ray traced environment, the characters eyes and eye make up become dark splotches. If I turn the Default RHI from DirectX 12 to Default (as I understand, DirectX 12 enables the Ray Tracing and Default turns it off), then the issue clears up and I get a correct eye and eye makeup.

Two questions: if I have a project set up with Ray Tracing enabled, and Support SkinCache enabled, but Default RHI set on Default, am I indeed turning off Ray Tracing? If I do this and go under the “LIT” pull down menu, there is no Path Tracing render option, so I assume that means no Ray Tracing as well. Am I understanding this correctly?

Secondly, any idea what may be causing the eye /eye makeup issue in Ray Tracing?

Please see my samples with and without Ray Tracing (at least I think that’s the case)

I have the same issue. Seems like the CC default materials haven’t been updated for raytracing. What I’m doing is create a copy of the master materials (eyelashes, eye occlusion, etc) and modify them until I get a better result.