Character Creator 3 to UE4, problem with weapon/socket moving during animations

I attached a weapon/socket to the right hand. So I can add a one hand sword. I place it correctly so the sword fits perfectly in his hand.

But during animations. The sword/socket seems to move out of place and it floats in the air during some movements.

When I preview or try the animation on the unreal 4 mannequin. I do not have that problem at all.

I’m using 4.26 and used the plugin to import my character. They are using the same skeleton.

Anyway to fix this? I tired importing a taller character and it looked better.

Im thinking maybe I have to make my characters the exact same size as the unreal 4 mannequin.

How can I do that?

I’ve attached images on the link so you can see what I mean

[DF46-C97-F-F90-F-4328-935-E-2602-F763-CC17 — ImgBB BBC264-B2-70-CA-4-FC1-82-B7-5-AD81-D1140-B5 — ImgBB](DF46-C97-F-F90-F-4328-935-E-2602-F763-CC17 — ImgBB BBC264-B2-70-CA-4-FC1-82-B7-5-AD81-D1140-B5 — ImgBB)