Character Creator 3 to UE4 plugin help

I’ve recently installed Character Creator 3 and the bridge plugin for Unreal 4 , but I’m experiencing some problems , every time I import a character the skeletal mesh gets imported without textures and materials. Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

I noticed in your workflow that you don’t export your character into a separately contained new folder? I’ve never had this issue myself. But I always export to a new folder, with naming identical to the name of the export. And drag the FBX from that folder into the new folder created in the content browser.

Have you tried this before?

The only thing I’m noticing in the video. I haven’t used this addon however so maybe this is correct already.


Good spot! Let me double-check what my import settings are to confirm.

EDIT- Even though this was likely the cause, I’ve double-checked my import options and can confirm mine are set to create a material :slight_smile: