Character Creations/Customization in Game


I am working on creating a game that will allow the customization and appearance of 12 playable characters.

Body: I am planning of using a combo of Blendshape (for the shapes, muscularity fatness and thinness setting)
Length/Height: I am thinking of using blueprints to control the scale of the bones

I want to use the method that games like FFXV Comrades use Combo faces: using preset faces and blending between them and allowing the customization of individual sections.

I think this is using blendshapes/morph targets and FFXV was made in the Unreal Engine. or maybe its bones in the face that is being controlled maybe both but I don’t know

Questions I need help with and some guidence:

Could someone help me with showing me how to control the blendshapes/morph targets in the Blueprints for characters?

For the Faces I don’t know if bone is the better options or blenshapes/morph targets?