Character Creation without Rigging Toolkit

I’m new to Maya but I have some familiarity with animation/bones in Lightwave.

What are the steps to animating a basic character (legs, hands) in Maya without the use of the ART?

I plan on using the ART when it comes out for OS X but I’d like to get something functioning at the moment as the release date has not yet been determined, as far as I know.


maya youtube channel have a very nice tutorial about rigging, the problem its not basic rigging its a advance tutorial, hard to get if you are new.
I do the tutorial, that was my first tutorial usingh maya :eek: and lost a lot of time trying to understand things (because i not do any other basic tutorial) but i finally get the concepts and other things and learn a lot.

You need patiente, for surely you will have to repeat several times if you are new.