Character Creation System

How would I go about creating a character creation screen within my game? I’ve been reading I need to use a modular character system. Could this be accomplished through blueprint? Can anyone offer advice? I’m making a multiplayer game with customizable player characters and we’ve hit a bit of a wall regarding this. I appreciate any insight anyone could offer

I would look into first attach meshes and getting all your create a player parts together. Then I would think you’d want to make a hud to swap these meshes/textures and store the decisions.

I mean this is pretty high level but that’s the wor

Yes you can do it with Blueprints, you need a “master Blueprint” and put any number of static and skeletal mesh components, boots, legs, armas, heads. In the blueprint you can change the mesh for any other, in real time.

You may also be able to create some morph target functions, that will allow you more flexibility in customizing your skeletal meshes.

Here’s a workflow created by Darthwilson in UDK, this may help you get started:

UE 4 Morph Target previewer:

Goodluck, post your findings if you’re successful.

So I create a master blueprint to load all possible character pieces? Is there a way to save the choices the player makes using the master in a seperate blueprint?

I’ll be sure to check those out too, thanks for your input

about the Master Blueprint idea… does UE4 stream those meshes in as needed or would it end up loading all of the meshes when the BP was instantiated, in a project where we tried a similar thing in Unity the master character prefab ended up being nearly 200MB which was a significant issue on consoles at the time not to mention the super slow loading of such large prefabs.

You dont load all pieces, you need create an array for each part of the body, Heads, armas, legs… and use the “set skeletal mesh” to change the mesh.

From this master piece you heridetage for do it the create player’s scene, here you save the array index of each body part that the player choosed.
When the game start you use the same master blueprint and set the array index saved.

I dont know if the array of meshes is loading when the Blueprint is loaded in the beginning and I dont know if the “set skeletal mesh” unload the previous mesh.

It’s great to see some people remember that project :wink:

I am currently in the process of transferring that project into UE4. Got all the morphs in etc and now just playing around with the new HUD creation tools such as the sliders to bind morph targets to the sliders.

hi all how can i make for the players of my game make their own character is i doing a online game please help and if you know a easy form tell me please will be better or only tell me how to place the creation characters for my game

Hey, just dug this thread up looking for something similar in an up and coming project and I’m wondering if you had a chance to migrate this project. With all the engine updates these last few years years I’d love to see the new product. The old UDK post doesn’t appear to exist anymore.

Hello! Did you ever find a solution to this?

Old link but this is something I was using for abase idea awhile ago

Great work by Datasphere :slight_smile: