Character creation system?

Hello everyone,

Hopefully I’m posting this in the appropriate category. I’m interested in making a character creation system that will be utilized inside of a game I’ve been working on for several months now. I’d also like to document how this system is put together and share the pipeline for others to use in their projects because I’ve found very scamp info regarding this topic when I searched the web and the forums here. I’m aware of some pretty good character creation systems out there such as Make Human but I’m specifically looking for the process of making a system that will work in game which modifies the characters skin and drops it onto a skeletal mesh which already has its blueprints and animations plugged in. Basically the same sort of character creation system you see in many games such as Dark Souls, Skyrim, Metal Gear Phantom Pain online etc. I’d appreciate the help of anyone who is knowledgeable in this department who could at least point me in the right direction however an actual pipeline of the process would be ideal.