Character Creation system

Hello all,

We’ve been working on our game for quite some time and managed to achieve a lot of functionality. The problem is that we haven’t done much visual upgrades and we decided that this will be the next upgrade. We requested a character from our newbie designer but he is taking a lot of time to do it. As the design is my teams weakness I began looking for other ways of achieving that. After some research I found Character Creators but I wasn’t sure if they could do the following:

  • Let players create their own characters
  • Use the creator to setup character meshes that will be used as NPCs.

Could you please let me know if there is such character creation tool in the marketplace or somewhere else? Also is this tool working correctly as I seen many negative comments in most of the tools.
If not could you please let me know what is the best approach on setting up Character Meshes for a game?

Thanks in advance!