Character creation screen when playing in editor

Hey people,

I was wondering if there is a way to start the game in the character creation screen while you are playing in editor. Basically simulating how it is when you first join a server. In game it would open up the character creation/spawn screen before you actually spawn. In editor you spawn directly. I know you can debug force the spawn animation but I am not sure if you can do the same with the character creation.

Any idea?

Only way i currently know of is dying(hurtme 500 or suicide console command) with the character you first spawned in, then you can select “create new survivor” and you will get to the character creation screen.

I was hoping for something less hacky :smiley: but that will do, if no one else has an idea. Thx!

Yay, there is a non hacky way. In the gamemode file just set “AutoCreateNewPlayerData” to false. That will prevent the game from creating a char before the player created one on its own.