Character creation problem

Welcome. I apologize in advance for any errors, I am using the Translator. To the point: I have a problem with the Character:
1.With level Blender Form works but unfortunately did not manage to attach weapons, not only that the weapon is greater than the figure in SkieletalEditor, and the map is ok, how Trailing in BP is in the game can not see it.
2.Z level Maya2015 LT is a problem with the hierarchy of the form, a simple skeleton of imports, but as a skeleton no longer the case because I felt two pointy root in the backbone.

It will help anyone solve any problem? I would be very grateful, because I only obstructs the implementation of the project :(.

  1. Do you mean that the attached weapon is too big? When you do it with the level bp you can scale it in your level, otherwise do it in your bp (component tab) That’s how you attach something with a level bp: You can do the same in a actor/character/… blueprint -> use the attach to node :slight_smile: