Character creation & Model Sheets

Hello, I been learning unreal engine recently, I’ve gotten most of the basics under control.
And I wanna advance now, setting up my very first game.
Not a big one, but one to practice what I know already and also to push my limits.

So I have settle on a game I do think is possible for me to create, but also a challenge.

Now, since I learning most of the aspect myself I’ve also been learning blender (Witch I’ve been using quite a while now) And feel quite comfy using.
But the problem is character creation, I’ve seen some different tutorials on the subject and a lot of them use model sheets.
Now since I have close to zero experience with art (Besides awesome stick figures)
I wanted to ask, what do you guys do?

Do you kindly as an artist to draw you one?
Do you pay yourself out of it?
Do you download free model sheets?
Or do you just model it without a model sheet?

If none of the above, (How)did you learn yourself to draw?

I’m not thinking the character should be very detailed but more of a simple one.

Hope someone have an answer for me, thank you for your time.