Character Creation Menu


I’m trying to make a Character Creation Menu, In which the player can choose his own hair , face, cloths … I thought of morph targets but I didn’t know how to start with it … Also I want to have in game changing eyes… like from a rounded eye to a block eye … Can any one please help me or just put me in the right direction… Thank you in advance…

Anyone reply please its urgent

Anyone please?

That’s a lot of things you wanna do there.

For switching the hair you can simply attach a static hair mesh to the head bone.

For the clothes I would split the character in different skeletal meshes (head, torso, legs, etc.) which all use the same bone hierarchy and switch them out with skeletal meshes which have clothes on them.
One Skeletel Mesh (e.g. the head) has to be the master component and the other ones have to be the slave components, which then follow the master component’s animations.

For facial changes I would use morph targets. You can simply grab the corresponding skeletal mesh inside the Character class (in your case the head) and use the “Set Morph Target” node with the right name and the desired value.

How about the Eyes?

I would also use Morph Targets to alter the shape of the eyes. You could do that with bone scaling if your eyes have bones but that would give you less control over the actual shape.