Character creation- Enter Character name?

I cant seem to find this anywhere. I’m creating a character creation screen, I’d like to add a character name on the top left next to my health bar and such after hitting my “enter world” button. Anyway to easily implement this? I’ve looked all online and cant seem to find a way. If this has been answered before, a redirect would be great :slight_smile:

Too little information since you already have something that can be build upon but whatever. Generally speaking what you need is to create a widget with input field where you will add a name of that character. After pressing a button or hitting an enter or something, pass that value from the input field to your character and to probably widget of that character and update it’s text. That should be it.

I figured it’d just be easier to show you what I have rather than try to explain. Long story short, the name wont pop up. I think im doing everything right?

You cannot provide *context *like you do to draw text. This would only work if you overrode onPaint in the widget. Do you absolutely need to Draw Text to display it? If you do, do it in the widget’s onPaint which provides the correct context for this.

But, why not use an editable text (so the player can type) and send the result to a text block (or leave it as is in the box). Or am I misunderstanding something crucial here? You just want to show the name?
I actually do not understand what you’re trying to do. You’re getting Player Display Name, match IDs but never use it? Initially I thought you want to allow the player to edit the name but now I think you’re just trying to display a variable you store in the player character? Could you clarify? I am assuming all this because it’s character creation so I can imagine you get to name the character, too.

I’d like to display the name as you said in the end. Player types his name in and the end result shows on the top left of the screen. I figured you needed match ID because I thought it’d tie in with the character name.

update:Figured it out, for anyone that would like a quick answer

Yes Please how did you do it?