Character creation customization

Hi, i am working a little bit with “sample city” and want to creta a Character creation customization.
I tested the Crowd sample and thought, that this is what i want to use when i customize a player character. That is, When i start the city sample i would like to (as a player) creta and customize a character, that i will play in the city sample.

I was wondering if it is possible to create a “Character customization” to UE5 city sample, and use MetaHuman (UE5 Blueprint, or MetaHuman blueprint that is shipped in Crowd sample) in the process?

Some advice would be appretiated.

Make a character customization is not easy. The difficulty and work really depends on what you want the player to customize.
MetaHuman provides great tools for animating, but the meshes are not really easy to work with. If you tell more about what you want to let the player change, maybe we can get some ideas.

Hello @LussiLarsson
As @Idknoidealol said is not easy,
If we are talking about metahuman, here there is a trick:

But I recommend to you to learn how to do it properly!

Hi Idknoldealol
My goal is to have , before a player enter “city sample” to be able to create a character. I tested the Crowd blueprint of a human, and i thought that would be excellent for my game. That is, be able to do some appearance changes: female/male, old/young, Hairstyle and haircolor, a few body and face changes. Then jump in the scene and after doing a few things log off, thereby save the player position, and next time i log on, i will be at last saved position.

So i thought if you can make a model change by using a blueprint, why not use it for player cretion?

Ok I see what you’re trying to achieve.
Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than just changing models. You have to make the skin color match everywhere, you need to have the different body parts not clipping into each other, and when it comes to the hair, especially metahuman ones, it requires even more work. What I suggest you to do is first to learn about how MH models are set, and experiment with them. Then you can try to let the player choose a model between many. After you understand how all that is working, you might be able to have some clear ideas.
If you already have experience with all that stuff, well I can’t really help you anymore cause I’ve never tried something of that kind but I’ll be glad to know how it’s going.

MH and UE are complex things some make sure you understand them before using them, take your time :slight_smile:


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