Character Creation Advice and Help

SO I am at a point that I am not sure how to proceed and which method would be best to implement character creation.

Currently I am looking at just Character Stats: Health, Fatigue not the actual selection of characters or character meshes.

The system I have in mind would use a character generation system that I created for my PNP RPG Game, or modified one of it as I find I do not want or need specific things.

Creation Summary:
Currently, a character is generated by assigning a number of points to 8 attributes (Str, Sta, Agi, Per, Wits, Will, Int, Cha) and eahc of the attributes have a modifier attached to them (which is as Bonuses in Skill uses, etc.). For right now I want to concentrate on getting this to work before I move on to Focuses, Skills, and Abilities, etc.

Which is better?

Creating a Single BP_CharacterBase_Interface where all the States are stored (and I understand it can be more easily shared and used by multiple BPs) or do I create 1 Single MYCharacterBP (or something similiar) where I create each of the values (Variables, Floats and Integers) then call or cast?

I have no Idea where to go or how to start this process, any and all ideas, suggestions or tutorials would be greatly appreciated, unless that video is about loook what I did rather than here let me educate you…

Great Community so Far…and thanks for the information ahead of time…


to do that, i would choice to create a master character with as much as common variables functions as i can put in, and set the differences in children. And i would try to see if i could not use a common variable for apparent diffrences like setting a variable basic fight which could be sword, bow or fireball, instead of setting melee, projectile, magic. Take a look at the mixamo master character and children to have a good idea of it. Main interest is that you’ll can use the master character for all your game logic.

Hey Fen…Where do I gt the Maximo Master Character From? The Free Download?

Yes ! Marketplace / Characters and animation. The last one. It’s a free content. Download the animation starter pack too if you don’t ever have. You can now set those anims to mixamo caracters which is a really good start.

Fen…I do see the MixamoCharacter_Master…But I am not understanding how it is parent of the characters…Screenshot??

This is a parent / child blueprint like for example the inventory system.
When you check the show inherited variables button (down left), you have access to all the variables set in the master, all functions and events too.
Then when you set your attributes sytem, you do it once for all and will only have to make what is different in each (for example a magician will spend more global points for 1 strength point than 1 wisdom point, or he will have a limit.)
If you create an array in your master and fill it with specific informations in your child (main attributes, second ones and others, from index 0 to index 7, in my example) you’ll just have to check it to display the right attributes from main to last and the sytem will work for all without more to do.
It is a bit late here sadly 1h30 am, but we can talk tomorrow.

I am not finding the Inherited Variable Button on the Characters from Maximo… I a looking in the Defaults of characters…

Down of the “my blueprint” tab, on the left of the graph mode.
the 3 green in

Okay UNdestanding a it more now…However, when I attempt to Add call to parent function from the Construction Script of my Child it does not show up in the palette…

Okay Figured out to Right Click on Construction Script to Add Call to Paret Function…but how do you make sure its calling to the right Parent??

Child blueprint can only have one parent so you can’t have this trouble.

I understand that…but if I have 3 character bp’s how does the engine know which parent goes with which chikd?

Have a look there : and check the map in the content example. As this is the child wich is spawned, you know the child and as it can has only one parent, you know the parent.

Okay I understand that once a relationship is made between the parent and the child that they two are linked. But how does the chld know which arent is its?

For Example:

I have Parent A, Parent B, and Parent C

and I have

Child 1, Child 2, Child, 3, and Child 4

How does Child 1 know its Parent is Parent C

How Does Child 2 and 3 know its parent is Parent A

and How Does child 4 know its parent is Parent B?

There has to be some sort of connection unless its magical…lol

Child is a modifiable copy of the parent as instanced material is a modifiable copy of the material.

Hi Nadragul

I have made health and stamina system tutorials on my channel if it would be of any help (and it is made for UMG)

Channel link:

Fen - I am not understanding what you mean here. DO I make a Duplicate of the Parent and Rename it? I am sorry if I am being stubborn…I just do not get how a child knows who its parent is… lol…

DKMiraiDK - I have seen your Videos and they are excellent which is one of the reasons I began asking which is better to use Child or Interface?? or Both?

hehehehe…look what I Found:

When creating a new blueprint, the Pick Parent Class window should appear. You may select the Parent class for your blueprint here. If you need to set or change the Parent of an already existing Blueprint you may do so by clicking the Blueprint Props button in the Blueprint Editor toolbar and selecting your desired Parent Class from the Parent Class field in your Details panel.

Exactly what I was looking for on this explanation…

It depends on what you would make. I use interface in health and stamina system because i would use the variables in UMG and i will use child and an inventory system so it’s easier to make many items with just making a child of the master item blueprint.

DK…Is it better to Store things Like Health, Fatigue, and Experience Points in an Interface?? Does that make them easier to call in other BPs?