Character created with Make human software still lying down


today i have created a character with make human, i have been exported the files to “blender exchange(mhx)” and opening it with blender then i have exported to Autodesk FBX.
then i start import in UE4, everything works except my character still lying down like this ://nsa34.casimages/img/2014/11/25/141125051706933123.png

i dont understand why if someone already encountered the same problem let me know how to solve this

Thanks a lot !

tha’ lazy bum ->lol, sorry had to do that :slight_smile:

try to set ‘z’ as up looks like it’s using ‘y’ (when exporting, especially with blender. blender can do some strange stuff)(but this could be in either of the programs you’re using and you might just have to hack it by rotating & applying it’s orientation in one of your 3d programs. you can rotate it in UE4 editor, as well)(MakeHuman has it’s own orientation as well, I’d look at it first. I know you can change it for some exports, not sure about blender or fbx)

Is he just lying in the skeletal mesh view or also when you play the animations? Just skeletal mesh view -> enable “Use T0As Ref Pose” in your import settings -> this will take frame 0 as the reference pose. :slight_smile:

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This is the solution thank you guys !!