Character Controller

Is there any tuto explaining how to do a complex player contoller and manipulating rootmotion animations?
i’ll be really thankfull for anyhelp

  1. watch this series to learn the basics of the animation blueprints/stuff ->
  2. take a look at the root motion documentation -> :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean with “manipulating root motion anims”? -> an example of what you would like to achieve would be helpful

I mean do we use them the same way it’s explained in those basic tutorial from unreal or there is another way to manipulate them ( i’m talking about the event graph)

In the event graph you can play/stop/change section/… montages, but the things with the animation sequences need to be done in the anim graph :slight_smile:

I’m totaly fine with the anim graph, my problems are in the event graph (i come from a desing background not a programming one)

You mean the character bp? -> because the anim bp also has an event graph :wink:

Well i can explain it better
The bp that we are talking about is the animbp
i set everything in anim graph (idle,walk,run,jump,crouch, …) and now i don’t have a big idea about populating the event graph so i can use those animations (how to know wich foot on the floor while i’m running or walking to run the right animation, …)

When you want to change some stuff in the anim graph (e.g jumping from the “attack animation state” into the “friendly animation state”) you will have to create the variable in the event graph + after that you can use it in the anim graph -> like in this video:

The thing with the foot -> it depends on how exactly you want to have it ^^
You could do it:
-with sockets + always set a bool variable to true/false when they are at a certain height
-do it with a notify -> open your walking animation - right click into the “notifies timeline” - add notify - new notify + choose a name - after that move it to the position where the foot hits the floor - now open your anim bp and go to the event graph - there you have to search for the name of your notify + add the event with the notify name - now it always fires an event when the animation reaches the time where the notify was placed :slight_smile:

Yep, this is what i want
thank you :slight_smile: