Character Controller Like This ?

Hello, new here I was wondering how can I do a character to behave like this one Small Arms War .
Is there a way to do it with the Blueprintable Components in 4.7 .

1-For Movement you have all the needed features in 2d Character BP Class
2-For Collision between Character , the simple way is to ignore physics interaction between pawns
3- For the shoot mechanics , you can get easily shooting direction using Hit Result Under Cursor
4-For the hud and inventory , with umg you can do all what you need

Thank you for the answer,
I’m new to Blueprints too :), I was thinking of using the Sidescroller Template I want the character and the world be 3D not 2D . I had a look over the blueprints used to move the character, should I put the shooting mechanics there ? I don’t have a cursor . :slight_smile:
The hud and Inventory I think it’s too complex for me at this stage.
Some examples or youtube videos would be nice but there seems to be not that many .


I’ve managed to get something like this for the Shoot Towards Mouse, but it doesn’t work exactly like it suppose to :slight_smile: . If someone know about some optimization or a better way I welcome any help I can get :slight_smile: .

The thing is that when I move the cursor left and right because of the ( * .5 ) the character switches fast like I wanted to, but when the cursor is getting farther away from the player the player’s rotation still changes (well because I use 3D template :slight_smile: )

1.Question : How can I make the player once it turns not to change position when I move the mouse farther, a clamping of some sorts ?

The shooting goes only in the direction of the player, not to the mouse cursor . " AIM " it’s an arrow object pointed to the front of the player it’s the SpawnPoint ( sry I come from Unity ) .

  1. Question : How can I make the bullet go to the direction of the mouse ?

Thank you for any help .

Anyone, can point me in the right direction ?

Hi, for the moment I have something like this for shooting towards mouse, but it doesn’t work like in that game . I’ve tried with get hit under mouse cursor by channel and break the hit but it still shoots the farther walls of the level .


The thing I need is when I move the cursor to any part of the screen the bullet should go only in the Camera Plane of view, without the depth. (Just like in a 2D game ) .

Something like this . Maybe not everyone wanted to look at that game so I tried to do a picture :slight_smile: .


So can anyone help me to figure this one out ?