Character/Controller even useful for ball-rolling game?

Hi there,

I’m starting on a simple ball-rolling game to teach myself UE4 and have read through the Gameplay Framework pages ( Most of the features of the actor subclasses (Pawn, Character, …) are irrelevant for my type of game. Now I’m wondering if I should even use them at all - or simply let my ball “character” extend directly from Actor and accept input on that actor. Or should I rather extend from Pawn and use a custom controller that possesses my pawn and handle the input in my controller?

Bonus Question: if I have some level-specific parameters (like “level background color”), would I extend the WorldSettings class, add my custom variables to it and set that class as default World Settings Class under Default Classes in the project settings?


Yes, pawn is everything that is alive in the game, you dont need to use it but things might be little more diffcult. You can’t not use playercontroller as it is interface between player and the game world regardless if you use pawn or not.

And yes world settings should be in world settings :slight_smile: just remeber to place UPROPERTY (…) when you declere varables so they will be settable in editor