Character / Combat Design help {FADE}

Hello everyone. Ive been working on a project called “FADE”, a medieval third person RPG set within a god’s soul. I attempted a kickstarter late last year and received a good amount of praise. The issue I encountered though was that the goal I set wasnt going to be enough to pay for Character Design (Fleshed 3D Models) and also the combat system I implemented didn’t fit the theme too well. The combat was meant to be fast paced and came in to slow and choppy. People interested in this job should know that I have detailed concepts and much of the gameworld for the alpha is already completed. If you have any interest into becoming a more permanent part of the team it isnt out of the question. (Though a small amount more would be expected of you) The only example of experience I request is a simple example of your skills with modeling armor or pseudo -realistic characters. Also if you’re interested in design for the combat system any example of (hack and slash third person)Third Person combat(Devil May cry esq) is suitable. Thank you for you time.

So you are only looking for artists/animators?