Character Collision Profile resets on editor close


Since upgrading my project to 4.9.1 every time I close the editor my characters mesh collision profile reverts to something else.

I have a child of character where I set the mesh collision profile to a custom collision channel. I then have a child of this new blueprint. When I package or close the project the collision channel changes and I have to click the yellow defaults arrow apply the correct collisions.

This also affects the animBP as it keeps clearing itself on the second child.

go to the folder the file is saved in (on your computer, not UE4) and check if it has been changed to Read-only in the Properties menu

Hi Ategig,

I attempted to reproduce this in a new project, but I couldn’t get your results. Can you see if it happens outside of your project and if so, post the exact repro steps or a test project?

I will work on that now, if it helps I vaguely remember this issue happening after an engine crash.

I use perforce for version control so it is managing the read-only aspect sides of things.

I am unable to repro this in a new project either, would I be able to send you my project privately? I am currently refactoring a fairly large project I have been working on for over a year and a half but the new version is quite small still.

Yeah, if you like you can send me a link to download it by private message over the Forums.

Update: Private Messaging with Ategig over the Forums while working on the issue.

This appears to have been a circular dependency problem. I removed some character class references from the player controller and they no longer reset when I close the engine.