Character collision not returning exact results with the ground

Hey all, I’m new to Unreal and trying to set up some particular character actions in blueprints.
For one of these actions, I needed to calculate the distance from the player’s center to the ground they are standing on, which I’m doing via line trace since the destination point can change.
With the ground at (0, 0, 20) and the player with a capsule half height of 88, why is my player’s collision body at a world position of (0, 0, 110.150) instead of the expected (0, 0, 108). This seems to be insinuating that my character’s collision is offset from the ground by a few units and I’m curious as to why this might be.

I never got a reply on this, so just to clarify what I did about this, I just created a constant with a value of 2.150 and I’m offsetting my collision actions by this value to get around the issue. It feels a little hacky to have to do this but I don’t see any other means around it when I’m trying to create accurate component moves.