Character Collision After Death

Hello. So I have been having this problem. When a player dies, his capsule component remains on its place. I have event created that is called when the player is dead. And after it is called there is bunch of things going on including SetCollisionEnabled to NoCollision. But Nothing Happens. I have even tried including a condition to Event Tick that when health is 0 I set NoCollision to the capsule component but nothing. But when I set SetCollisionEnabled after event Begin Play it works. I have even tried instead of SetCollsionEnabled DestroyActorComponent but when I kill the Host my editor chrashes. Any Suggestoins? I am using Generic Shooter Example project. And Also I can shoot the capsule Component with a gun.

There’s a bug with SetCollision and multiplayer. It doesn’t seem to replicate, and I think someone submitted a PR with the fix.

You have to workaround it for now and manually set collision channels to ignore and all that.