Character Clothes animation

I’ve got a naked animated character I want to use with different types of clothes I’ve made in MD. Is there a way to attach this piece of cloth inside of UE4, or do I need to rig it somehow in max with the already existing animation? It’s a really hard topic to find some information on. Been on it a couple of days now. The closest I got was to add a skin modifier and add the hip bones to it. It sort of moves with the body in a wacky way.

I’ve figured out what my issue is, and I do have gaps in my understanding of rigging and skinning, so there might be something there. But I’ve gotten some results with the skin modifier. It comes nicely in and do follow the the animation asset, but it cuts through the body. What do I need to do to avoid this?

You can try creating an opacity texture for parts of the body covered by clothing. Then you can add that to the material for the body to not paint covered faces. Making a texture is a lot easier than trying to get the perfect weight paint for every piece of clothing.

Ah, I like that idea. Thanks, I might go that route.

are you sinking the clothing in any way?
is the clothing animation the same skeleton and animation? / how is the clothing applied?

Currently I’ve tried a few different things. Both having the clothing attached and not attached to the body mesh. The skeleton is the same, however. What I sort of think is starting to work, but Im not fully getting to work, is using the cloth modifier in 3ds max on the dress. In max I am getting fairly good results, but I am not sure how to export the clothes with the simulation to ue4 at this point.

This is what I am trying to achieve. I have a variation of clothes I want to use with animation in UE4 with an animated character. I am not sure what the best workflow for this is, especially with dresses. Tight sitting clothes it seems to be fairly easy to get to work with the character, but dresses and loose clothing I am having a hard time working. I tried the cloth tool in UE4 as well, but the dress was cutting through the legs all the time. I think I don’t understand properly the different parts of the process and variations and I am not fully sure what I am looking for to get it to work.

I am not familiar with the term “sinking clothing”. Could you please explain?

A good base is to use the weight transfer function (in blender): as vertex mapping: nearest face interpolated and source layer selection: by name. (has worked best for me for most clothing items)
If you have that you can adjust and redistribute the weights manually. So far I couldn’t find any better method for dresses and loose clothing.
For better results it’s required for the clothes to have a mesh resolution that isn’t much worse than the resolution of the body mesh itself.
If you want to see how a fairly good bone weight distribution looks like you can test some of the makehuman assets with a makehuman character, esp. some of the dresses (blackminiskirt etc) and study the weights for a better understanding.