Character clipping through floor on client, but only when moving

I am new to unreal and have used the starter 3rd person Blueprint.

I have imported animations from Mixamo and retargeted them to the UE4 skeleton.

I have created Blendspaces for crouch and prone movementss and made a transition between all stages.

On screenshots client is on left and server on right.

When my server character crouches it is fine on both the client and server displays (as shown in screenshots 1 & 2) until I try to move it, and then the character on the client screen clips into the shown in screenshot 3.

The client character clips in to the floor on the server display about 1 second after crouching.

I have tried changing the relative positions in the blueprint

The characters feet are above the bottom of the capsule collider and using the blueprint above should mean that both the collider and character are resizing at the same time.

Where am I going wrong?

Everything else works great apart from the character being in the floor.
I think I have activated replication on all required items.

You ever find a solution for this problem?