Character class collision, how to compensate for inaccurate capsule?

So I am using a character class with root capsule collision, I am a noob, but not afraid of complexity.

The problems are perhaps best illustrated with the picture.


  1. the basic capsule is too high when the character stands accurately on the floor.
  2. When crouching, with the capsule half height reduced to the top of the head the characters legs go through the floor.
  3. Raising the capsule half height on a crouched character results in a high collision box and the character cannot pass under obstacles that it visually should clearly be able.
  4. This represents the ideal crouching capsule, which appears impossible.
  5. I have read in the forums that placing a second collision capsule would solve this problem, but have failed to implement it correctly?

I have also read to recreate the whole character as a pawn not a character class, which may be complex and have ‘other issues’

I am using first person with full body view possible so the accuracy of position of the camera and visual perception of obstacles is very important to gameplay.

So the question is how to solve the crouch capsule issue?
if this can be done with an added collision box then would someone kindly help me implement (point in correct direction)? Or does this have to be done by rewriting the whole character as pawn BP?

Thanks for consideration

Maybe I am making this too complicated and should move the mesh through script when the states change!

Nevermind, have resolved with an alternate approach

I’m facing a similar issue, may I ask what your alternate approach was?

I moved the mesh at the same time as changing the capsule height as hinted above, both using lerp for smoothness. I have since, being a noob, seen a node in the paper 2d demo for adjusting the capsule height from its root rather than centre and whilst I haven’t tried that approach, it should help.