Character BP - Movement Issue

Helo, i have a problem with the movement of my Character.

Normal walking and chrouching are working fine but if i try to sprint or targeting with the weapon it makes terrible things.

can someone tell me why this happens.

Tanks, DarkSoe

I’ve seen quite a few people have this same “Issue” while making tutorials and completely ignoring it.
Could it be something to do with it being in the editor and not fully built?
Just a guess as I’m completely new to Unreal.

At first I’d print something out of my inputs.

My first guess would be that your sprint input is pressed / released all the time.

My second guess would be that your position is different on the server and the client, leading to these “movement lags” when the server replicates it.

Tanks so far. Deets Tails i will try it.

Yun-Kun, i dont think so. Crouching is made the way and works fine. But i will try something to check it out.

Okay, i solfed the problem.

For all having the same problem.

1st. Change the replicatet variable (isRunning, isTargeting etc.) on server (Run on Server)
2nd. Change the speed (Max walk speed) on all clients (Multicast)

greez DarkSoe