Character Blueprint with Falling Overrides?

Attempting to closely mimic Legend of Zelda (OOT vs WW) character controller physics. I’ve had to change my “Is Grounded” function to 4 raycasts (cube at foot position) for advanced precise grounded control. This works great!

Bug Scenario: When jumping off a ledge, and landing close to a ledge, the Capsule Collider is Grounded (meaning it won’t fall further) but the Grounded check registers falling. I understand this is because the capsule collider is reading grounded and overrides any of my code.

If I reduce the Capsule Radius, it can cause problems for stepping up on platforms at the desired height, and cause the mesh to extend into terrain. How can I override the Capsule “Stop Falling” function and force the Character to continue colliding and falling until my custom Grounded script registers Grounded?