(character blueprint) how to keep attachments/health gauge etc when opening a new level.

Every time i open a new level the objects my character has attached to them (attach to actor) like weapons and even the umg health gauge disapear, these objects are found within my character blueprint, and are attached while playing the first level. This wasn’t happening before but now all of a sudden when i tried to load a new level it’s like the character blueprint resets it’self to it’s default state with no attachments/health bar etc.

I found out that when open level function fires nothing from the old level moves to the new, everything is reset as if the game is beginning in the newly opened level. Is there some kind of setting I might have tempered with for this to happen?

Hi man , i may be wrong.
i dont think you can keep your “Player” as it is and send it to another level.
You can upload and store your info like lifes and coins, in a persistent place like the game instance , or save them on file.