Character blend space left and right walking

so, I think I’m just being stupid here, but I cannot make the character walk left and right in my game. It uses the default epic skeleton, but I do not have a walk left or right animation at all, so I’m not sure exactly what to do.
I am really bad at 3D modelling/animation, so making these animations myself isn’t an option, and files like the animation starter pack do not have any left/right movement ones either.
Any ideas?

try out Mixamo. This will animate characters for you. From there all you need is a model. Models can be found anywhere, but if you need an example location I have found turbosquid to be quite helpful

by chance is it possible to use my current model used in UE4? it was one bought off the UE4 marketplace, and is my main model at the moment. thanks, jbg0801