Character backpack setup

I have a character with a backpack. The character removes the backpack whenever retrieving inventory and then puts it back. This means that the backpack is a separate skeletal mesh. I think I may have to rig the straps, which are my main concern. If the backpack was combined with the character, I could just easily paint weights on the backpack straps so they follow the shoulders properly. But since it needs to be separate, I need some way to control the straps, and make sure that they follow the body nicely as if it were combined with the char mesh. Right now it seems like I have to create a socket on the character, parent the backpack to the socket, and it would follow, but the straps would not be accurate, they would penetrate the char mesh.

Any suggestions?

well the current setup you have with the socket is correct, and adding animations to the straps will fix the issue, you answered your own question

I believe there is a way you can set the straps to simulate cloth physics which may help.

the backpack also doesnt HAVE to be a seperate mesh, you can just make it part of your characters skeleton and have it animated with the character, similar to how Phase from the Paragon assets works.

Hey there!
I´m a bit noob here, bud I´m interested in the progress you made so far. I also like to implement a backpack taking on and off the player. Could you maybe post some blueprint snippets for me to understand how that works ?
I would also go for sockets, but right now I´m just struggling to put it on the back of the player :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Hey thanks! Attaching top back worked fine. I’ll try in/Off Animation as you told. Thanks!

I took an easier method for now, but I have another backpack character that will rely more on physics. Basically in your character blueprint you spawn the backpack actor at location and the socket will be something like chest, or somewhere upper spine. From that point you can focus on your backpack cloth an collisions. You can do the same thing with the straps. As long as everything is skeletal mesh, you can parent things to sockets. I am also thinking of trying a physics cable as backpack straps because you can define a start and end point.

As for the character removing the backpack, you can tell your character blueprint to detach actor when playing the remove backpack animation, and after selecting your item, it plays in reverse, and then respawn the backpack in its original position. Sounds like a lot, and it is. I’m not a skilled blueprint guy, so it’s a lot of trial and error. Still working things out.