Character Attribute System

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on a Character Attribute System,
The system is now available on the marketplace, and so there will be video tutorials coming in next few days, including tutorials on making it work with the chat system and the spell cast system I’ve created, so stay tuned.

If you have bought the system it would be cool and helpful if you would rate/comment on the marketplace website :

System is finally on the marketplace

Standalone system that can be added to any pawn, allows creation of stats/attributes (can be used for health management, mana,
stamina, energy, strenght, dexterity etc. any value that progresses), set a maximum level, experience needed per each level. Level
up, scale stat/attribute values, Set frequency of custom value calculations such as health regenerations, mana regenerations etc.
There are functions in place to spend free stat/attribute points to increase values of your stats/attributes. You can set a cost
(in terms of free attribute points) per stat/attribute.

Comes with a sample widget which has a health bar, level progression bar, a stat sheet shows experience needed to level up, current level,
player name, free stats/attributes points, health and health regen attributes, and logic to let you spend attribute points to increase
each of the stats/attributes.

The systems handles 2 sets of values for each stat, one for the base values and one for temporally attribute/stat manipulations (buffs,
debuffs, passive skills or even equipment/items)

The system comes with sample logic for health regeneration, and few sample stats.
All the blueprints are well commented and there is an implementation tutorial, live help/support is available on request.

The entire system is very flexible and can be used in conjunction with my other systems.

Tested on Windows platform, but it should work on other platforms too.

Technical Details
-Create your own stats/attributes
-Level up
-Scale stats/attributes per level
-Set maximum level
-Set experience needed per each level
-Spend free attribute points to increase stats/attributes
-Set cost for each stat/attribute
-Death and Level Up events
-Sample Widget
-Custom tick frequency for attribute calculations
-2 sets of stat/attribute values
-Multiplayer support
-Compatible with my Spell/Ability System

*** UPDATE 20/03/2015 ***

It seems that the character system has finally been properly updated, and the issues stated above are gone.
If you do find a bug with the updated version please contact me so I can fix it.

feel free to contact me to receive up to date version of the system, and/or if you have any questions or requests.

Very nice!

What is the planned cost?

I am a buyer. Your systems are truly what I desire building for my game.

@Sarr: Pretty cool … keen to see how you put this together. Maybe you should put a link to your Trello Voting Board to make it easier for people to vote for you. 8-}

the planned cost is 20$
Will post a trello link once epic adds it to trello.

Any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Could you also add a tutorial on how to submit these values to say… a mysql database? :wink:

Im not sure about that, I myself have no idea how to deal with sql in unreal, none of my own projects are multiplayer. If you know how to deal with mysql, then putting the data into a database would be easy.

Hi Sarr, wow, what timing. I just started writing my own Attribute System last night. However, I didn’t consider to be suitable as a standalone product, as a Stat System can be game specific and implemented in so many different ways. Network replication and storage is high on the list, especially when you consider the market for MMORPGs. The Lack thereof may potentially impact your initial sales, but, you could always add this feature as an upgrade.

There will be working network replication, but as far as Im aware, MySQL can only be accessed via c++, and marketplace content cannot include c++.

Just wanted to add, because of the way the system works and lets you create stats, in FPS game you could create stat to handle how much is maximum ammo for certain weapon slot, and maybe “level the stat” when you reach a certain upgrade.

Could be used in strategy game, to hold resources, unit caps etc. you can handle how and when you “level up” (increase unit cap eg.) so a level up could be, building a certain building, or doing certain research, or having a main hero level up it does not have to be by experience

The System is finally on trello : Trello

Voted … good luck with your pack. 8-}

Voted as well :smiley:

The system is finaly on the marketplace so I will be creating youtube tutorials to support it,

The first tutorials will cover the following:
-Implementing the Character System
-Creating a new stat/attribute for mana and mana regeneration
-Adding the stat/attribute to the sample hud widget provided with the system
-Creating a simple enemy pawn and adding the system to it.
-Linking the system to the Spell/Ability System (Link) (for deducting mana, dealing damage and giving experience)
-Showing the level up function and using it to scale stats/attribute

If you want to request something to be included, let me know.

Another great system by Sarr. I’m using it to try to get going on my first game.Dropbox - Error Keep in mind everything is placeholder but it shows some of what is possible with the system.

Oh, I can’t believe it, someone finally made an experience system. Right? This pack also contains an experience system right? Do you think this pack be integrated to flight template? I’m thinking to implement it to Voidrunner, my flight game. Do you think it’s possible?

Yeah it should be fairly easy to implement within your game, and yes there is a basic experience system, as in, set amount of xp per each level, and when you reach the xp, you level up and it scales your attributes by what ever values you specify, you can also add what ever logic you want upon leveling up. such as restoring health + energy to max etc. , you can contact me if you have more questions or so.

Also, Its been reported that there are 2 small bugs with the 4.7 version of the system.

  1. The Sample_Widget has a function called Visibility, and this causes a conflict within the engine, rename the function to fix this bug (something like WidgetVisibility or similar).
  2. The character system sets the tick timer (for health regen and such) within a construct script, it seems to cause issue and some people reported that it doesn’t get triggered, move the “Set Timer” node to Event graph right after Event Begin Play to fix this issue

*** UPDATE 20/03/2015 ***

It seems that the character system has finally been properly updated, and the issues stated above are gone.
If you do find a bug with the updated version please contact me so I can fix it.

How I add function to add Current XP in Level instead of Required XP to next level.
In other words, change RequiredXP function to CurrentXP. I have the Order ID.

Why would you need to do that? there are functions to get the current xp and required xp.
Please explain in detail what you are trying to achieve

Just wanted to add, that if you want to add the CharacterSystem as a parent (and reparent it as a Character, or to a Character), it’ll work - - but you need to (On Construction and on Begin Play) add a Call To Parent Function by right-clicking the Construction/Begin Play event nodes. Then when you call functions from the variable in your widget, just make it a widget to your main Character BP.

Example - - The Hierarchy I have for my game is :

Base Character (Top Parent Character BP with misc data)
Character System (Thank you so much for this)
Humanoid (Includes my Equipment system)
Inventory Character (uses inventory system from marketplace)
Ultimate Character (all custom player inputs)

So if on Construction in Ultimate Character I call the parent (Inventory), I have them call their parent (On construction) and it’ll lead up to the Character System. Same has to be done for Begin Play. Hope this helps people out!