Character Artist needed

We are a team 5 game devs working on a unique game. We currently have 2 BP specialists, 2 modelers and a rigging an animation specialist. We are currently seeking a character artist to join our team. We are looking at doing a rev share, but that can be talked about. The characters we are needing are stylized characters.

I am interested to know if Rev-Share can be negotiated as “Share marked-down due to work-exchange” … meaning i will accept less rev-share payment if work for my project is submitted, win/win, IMO.

My Discord is: SnS-Peasant#9852

Looking forwward to hearing from you, Uhnfortunately, (Honestly True Story) Portfolio was accidentally deleted from my web-hosting. I am Highly-Experienced in Organic Character Modelling via (30 hours+) and a good many exercises done for portfolio (have been modeling weapons, characters, and props, some vehicles, since 1999.)

Would like a Test to complete, since it appears i don’t have many images to show (i have only One character image left, in low-poly game-ready, realistically styled,) though i can Bake Normals in 3ds Maxusing NURMS, or TurboSmooth or Mudbox, and UV-Unwrap in low polygon, Game-Ready, if needed.

I can rig bones and skin the mesh, but will need refresher course after modelling is done (been a while, have been focused on learning Level Design in more depth.)