Character Artist gig (10 Characters)

Paid $340. We need 10 characters for our upcoming mobile game, these would need to be animated and they would all have the same animations (40 animations) so it’s not too hard. The characters would be roughly 2,000 polygons textured in 512s. Also 1 set of LOD and baked normals would be needed. Theme is middle eastern rebels in Syria. You can probably use the same base pose and get it rolling out in an entire Sunday. If you could provide a link to a portfolio. Students welcome, anyone looking to create a portfolio, also welcome. Please, nobody completely new. Thanks!

Baked normals means high poly versions are needed? Style is realistic? (not toon or hand painted?)

$340 per model?

That is 34$ per character lol GL!

Also wondering what “get it rolling out in an entire Sunday” means? Does that mean you expect everything, including feedback and iterations, to be done in one day?