Character Artist / Animator Needed

Maximus Arts (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
Project: Open world traffic simulator

Project stage: Early Prototyping

Job Details:
We are looking for someone who can model, unwrap (UV), texture, rig 3d game character models and create animations for them. The job details are as follows:

• Characters:

Character types (categories) -> 3
Each category -> Male + Female
Each category Male / Female -> 2 variations
Total = 12 characters

The characters should be modelled, unwrapped (UVs), textured, rigged (with physics asset), and have animation sequences along with blend spaces [collectively known as assets]. These assets should work in Unreal Engine version 4.8.3 without any problem. Focus should be on reusing parts of meshes and textures to reduce work load and time per asset.

Apart from these, there are 4 modelled characters which may need re-texturing and they should rigged with the other 12 characters.

• Props:
There are certain accessories associated with the characters which also need to be created. They are relevant and required for certain animations and should be created in conjunction with the characters.

• Rig:
Preferably, there should be a common skeleton for both male and female characters with extra bones in female rig to handle relevant parts. This skeleton should be preferably created via CAT or Biped in 3ds Max and exported to Unreal wherein a proper physics asset is to be created with appropriate bone settings. The physics asset needs to be checked rigorously for accurate constraints and believable ragdoll behaviour.

• Animations:
There are approximately 87 animation categories which have multiple animation sequences and loops. To make the process simple, there are about 660 readymade motion capture files in BVH format available. These need to be cleaned and retargeted to work with CAT rig or biped skeleton in 3ds MAX. Most of these are probably duplicates, so the actual number will be much less. A few missing animations and loops from the motion capture files will have to be created manually.

Required Skills:
1] Thorough knowledge of human anatomy and hair creation;
2] In depth knowledge of character art pipeline and workflow in Unreal Engine 4;
3] Experience with Unreal Engine 4 tool set;
4] Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 animation system;
5] Ability to create character mesh around a specific rig;
6] Ability to set up character physics assets with appropriate constraints in PHAT;
7] Knowledge of bone kinematic settings for human skeleton;
8] Ability to create realistic human body animations and loops;
9] Knowledge and experience of 3D Studio Max and FBX export pipeline including animation exports, Substance / Photoshop / Xnormals;
10] Knowledge of PBR workflow and ability to create textures for the same is a big plus;
11] A detailed portfolio showing character artwork, rigs and character animations;
12] Knowledge of finite state machines and blend spaces / animation blends highly preferred - Ability to analyse required information and adjust the number of animation sets, poses or blend spaces as necessary;
13] Ability to analyse requirements, mitigate future problems and avoid unnecessary workload in advance or to provide advice on the matter.


  1. Read the documentation and understand the requirements;
  2. Assess the project requirements, suggest and implement better techniques and assist in updating documentation;
  3. Create a plan of delivery;
  4. Create the required assets according to the plan;
  5. Communicate progress and post updates on a daily basis;
  6. Handle any additional requests as discussed in workrooms.

What we offer:

  1. Lots of creative freedom;
  2. Clear communication, consistent requirements and quick decisions;
  3. Documentation to aid in the development process;
  4. A budgeted, legal contract;
  5. Reasonable flexibility in milestone schedule, set up with mutual discussion;
  6. Your name/s in credits if you exceed quality expectations;
  7. Long term association/more work depending on reliability performance and timely deliveries.

**Please note that this is a fixed term and fixed budget contract. Details will be disclosed via email. The selected candidate/s will have to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement / Contract before starting any work.

Important: Candidates should have Elance or Upwork account. Creating an account on both sites is free. All project communication and payments will be handled on either site for mutual convenience.**

Interested candidates should send your resume and portfolio to for further discussion. Please allow me a day or two to respond to your requests. If you receive an error message or do not hear from me in two days time, please send me a personal message.

No having this go through Elance here, it’s a great tool for communications and buyer safety. Outside of Elance are yoou guys comfortable with skype communications and regular voice calls?

Sorry, Upwork / Elance only. Elance for existing users and Upwork for new guys since Upwork has acquired Elance now.