Character Artist and Animators (Stylized Fantasy Game)

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on a personal project for over a year now and have worked with several different character artists. I am in a phase with the project where I would like to consolidate my artistic design and approach.
Because of this consolidation I am searching for character artists and animators up to the task of fleshing out new and redesigning old characters.

I have kept the project under wraps but am aiming to announce it publicly soon as the game play is coming along smoothly.

A general description of the game character style is “medium poly stylized toon characters” and the game is set in a grim fantasy world.
I will be able to give more information on request.

If you’re interested I would love to see some portfolio work preferably art with a stylized or fantasy background, but any work that shows off your skills would be great.

Feel free to PM me here on the forums or add me on skype “ategigs”.

Thanks heaps!



There has been heaps of interest in this role so its going to take me a while to look through all the applicants. Ill keep looking through as fast as possible and get back to everyone whos replied to me.

Thanks again everyone!