Character Artist And 2D/UI Artist Needed - Parsec Studios

Hello everyone!

Alex here from Parsec Studios. We are looking for a character artist and 2D/UI artist for our upcoming game.

Requirements are shown below, and you can add myself on discord (below) to show portfolios of work and get to know more.

Character Artist:

  • Has great experience making character for UE4. Characters must be rigged to the same skeleton as the default manikin.
  • Textures must also be included.
  • Must own their own copies of softwares (ZBrush, Marvellous Designer, Maya etc)
  • Can work from concept images and descriptions and is able to adjust to changes made by feedback.
  • Has game dev experience (Working in a team, having meetings, etc)
  • Around 40 characters. 7 main, 5/7 knights/fighters, the rest, random NPC’s (Farmers, blacksmiths etc)
  • Realistic Art style.

Our budget isn’t massive, but its big enough for the project. Please don’t come to me asking $1000 per character, we simply cannot afford that. Hoping between $100-$300.

2D/UI Artist:

  • Has great experience with putting together UI for other games/apps and can work from given concepts.
  • Owns copies of their used softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
  • Can work well in a team and make changes based on feedback
  • Realistic-ish art style.
  • Would be required to make inventory icons, health bars, UI background boxes, and more of that nature.

I hope to hear from many of you to join our team!

Discord : Beckstation#2798

Project Manager @ Parsec Studios