Character arms moving seperate to animation

I just installed and have been messing around with the razer hydra plugin and have found that I want my character to be able to move it’s arms without ruining the running animation. So I will be able to have the character run while his arms are completely seperate from the animation and instead are being controlled by the hydra plug in. Is it possible to do such a thing via blueprints and how would I go about doing it?

Look into Inverse Kinematics in the animation blueprint. If you have the skeletal controller just before the animation output, it will override all animation on the chain of your choice.

But will it keep the legs moving but only override what is being moved with the hydra’s?

Yes. When you work with Animation Blueprints, the AnimGraph specifically, you should think of it as layering animations when working with some nodes. So you can filter the behaviour for specific chains. If you use a skeletal controllers, like inverse kinematics, you can select how and where that should be done. Skeletal controllers can be relative or override the chain completely.

So if you play a running animation and then plug in a skeletal controller at the end, you can simply override everything on the arms but keep the rest.