Character Animator

We are looking at expanding our animation department and are looking for passionate and well organized animators who can handle 1st person and 3rd person animation and are very comfortable with Unreal 4. This is remote work so you get to animate from the comfort of your own home with a very well organized group of passionate devs, both from the indie and AAA industry. If you check off the following boxes then I’d love to chat with you:

  • 3+ years of Professional experience animating in Max or Maya
  • 1+ Years Animating for Unreal 4 projects
  • Being able to rig and paint weights is a big plus
  • Available 20-40 hours/week
  • Self-Starter / Problem Solver: Loves to dig into problems and find solutions wherever they may lie
  • Comfortable working online in a distributed environment
  • Organized with a keen eye for the small details that makes a characters movement believable

If this is you then please send your reels over to [EMAIL=“”]


If you need any help on marketing/promotion for your project I could help there than.

We have 2 animator positions open here so I’m bumping this thread. Definitely looking forward to seeing your demo reels!!

You still looking for people?

Are you looking for AnimBP work too?

Yep, we definitely are… Please send your cv/reel to

Sent you an Email.

Updated the OP and bumping this as we just had another spot open up

Bumping this guy as we have a full-time position here for an animator comfortable with both 1st and 3rd person anims who can also rig.

Still on the lookout for a talented animator comfortable with both 1st and 3rd person anims who can also rig.

We’re a remotelybased team of folkswho enjoy autonomy on projects and flexibility with schedules. This is a full-time position and an opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. Reach out to [EMAIL=“”] with your reel. Cheers!

On the lookout for a talented animator once again, someone to join our team who is comfortable with 1st and 3rd person anims who knows how to rig.

Send us your reel to today!