Character Animator and Rigger


We are looking for a character animator and rigger to begin work at the end of June on an FPS. We are looking for someone who is able to rig both first person perspective (arms/hands/weapon) as well as animate.

Please send through reels in a private message, as well as day rate and approximate time to animate a reload from a first person perspective. Obviously, it is difficult to approximate exact cost/timings, but a ballpark would be helpful. Previous work on an FPS in Unreal Engine and knowledge of Maya/Houdini to UE4 workflow is preferable.

Approximate length of contract will vary due to the scope of work.



I have already sent you a PM in reply to your C++ Programmer thread. Just want to add that we have animator and rigger too.

Hey hey, this is definitely right up our allow, would love to chat more as we have a metric ton of first person anim experience with the 30+ first person packs out on the marketplace