Character animations with the "whole body" visible in first person

I’m trying to learn game programmering/UE4 and want to get the 3D character I have modeled to work with UE4. I need some tips on how to split my character animations based on my future plans.

My plans: I want to be able to see the “whole” body in first person. I want a first person “free view” by either holding down a key + mouse or TrackIR / VR (Something similar to Arma 3). A moving/animated head is attached to the camera. Besides this I will have a reload animation per weapon, idle animations, Lean left/right animations, prone ect.

In several of the examples that come with the editor, I see only arms + weapons are visible with the reload animations, fire animations ect + third person animations.

My question is what the difference is with the whole body available in first person and how the animations should be divided/put together.

As I see it I have to put together a whole bunch of third person animations and place a camera in first person.

I need info on howto link/melt animations together

  • leg/feet animations must be independent of arms and weapons.
  • Head must be independent of everything else when a button is pressed or TrackIR / VR is used.

How to put together something like this?

Check out the Unreal video tutorial series (made by Epic Games), it should be on the email when you signed up (or just look for them). Blending animations like this is built in functionality in the editor, there’s no special tinkering required - just watch the tutorial series. Some of it may seem like it’s too simple but, sit through them all anyway - the point is to teach you the editor and where you would go to look for other basic things if it doesn’t cover something specific for you.