Character animations with and without weapons (doubt about state machine layout)

Hi guys,

I’m fairly new to UE$ and game development in general and I’m currently trying to create/include my own animations for characters in UE4.

I was wondering what’s the correct way to lay out the animation state machine if I want my character to have different locomotion animations when it has the weapon holstered and when it has the weapon in his hands. I have envisioned the following layout and I wanted to make sure it is correct for the intended purpose:

Will the above state machine layout work as I have envisioned?



I would do 2 different cached poses and a switch on which one is used based on a bool so you can potentially change in air without having to transition in from walk/run.

Much cleaner and you can theoretically duplicate the state machine.

Try use the Blendspace it is used basically for transition from walk to run for example. In your case you can create new Blendspace and connect that with state machine with simple way. Also you can create second or more blendspace/blendspace2D for specific animations.

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Would that be done inside the original “Walk/Run” state (the one right next to entry)? So I should program it inside the state node itself?

I have used blandspaces before and I can understand how to use them when it comes to having ‘one set’ of animation. For example, I know how to integrate all UNARMED animations within the blendspace, but I’m struggling to visualize how to create a switch of state (from unarmed to armed) within the blendspace. Can you offer some visual reference of this?

I would like to help you but I have some issue with Unreal Editor. For some reason it won’t launch because error message say I missing Microsoft VC 2015 redistributable and I already installed that in monday.
If I get access to my editor soon as I can I help you but I remember that you need to use variables and functions inside ‘‘white point’’ between white arrows in state machine. And depending on how much animations you use and how you want connect that the variables and functions not always be the same between animations for example 1-2/2-1 or 5-6/6-5. It’s even hard to me to understand everything but anyway as I said I don’t have access to editor so I’m not sure because I don’t see it on my PC.

essentially you create a whole new state machine, cache the pose that it generates, and push it to the blend by - whatever node.
Docks here show the process of 1 state machine

You just add another and do whatever.