Character animations not working as intended

I’ve created an animation sequence for an ability to launch a rocket from a wrist mounted launcher, i get the animation sequence looking as intended but when the character tries to play the animation or when i put it into an animation montage the animation plays with the arm going down instead of forwards, i’d love to get this fixed soon so i can get the ability working and ready for testing.

how to you play the montage?

on a full body slot or do you blend it with movement or something like that

generally it sounds like your montage slot blend is not setup correctly

As a montage i just set it to play the animation, it’s not set to blend with movement at this stage, the issue occurs with any form of getting the animation to operate, if i set it to play the animation without the montage it does the same thing and the same issue if i play the animation through an animation blueprint

did you try to play a different animation,
to find out if it’s the animation or the skeleton?

Other animations are working as intended, walking, aiming etc. out of all the animations i’m currently using this is the only one with any issues

Found a working solution, by recording the animation the new file created from that worked for the skeleton.