Character animation

Hi i am working in third person template and I have made an AI using the Mixamo character pack. I have it using a pawnsense, so when the AI sees character, he will chase them. I need help working out how to make the mixamo character swing his sword to fight character when close enough. How would i also attach a weapon to my character?

Hello Alyssa.

I was playing about with that very issue the other day and I got a bear to chase me and when in range he does try to hit me. So it’s definitely doable, but I am fairly new to the engine so I just have the AI play it’s attack animation, with collision sphere attached on to its claws and when sphere collides with my body I receive damage and get pushed back a bit.

If you want to attach a weapon to a character you need to create a new Socket for your bone (eg, hand_r if you are using a default character) and then just attach your weapon using AttachToComponent node.

Here is how I’ve done it for my AI character as a test.