character animation

hello guys

help me, please. I have UE 4.7.5. my character in 3D pixel art style. and then i can’t use the bones animation because it don’t work in this case. Tell me how can i made several fast changing 3d models. The result is 3d animation. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks.

Do you have the character rigged already? If so try searching for “bone re targeting tutorial in UE4” on youtube. You can find some great videos that will walk you through the process.

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i mean something like sprites. But i have 3d models instead 2d images.
3d model appears, then fast disappears, instead of this fast appears next 3d model, and then disappear and such next model and etc. and then I will have animations running creature.

please anyone help me please. i just stopped at this moment.!!!

Normally people create one model and animtate it with bones or morph targets.

But if you really want to show one model after the other do it the following way:
Import all models. Create a blueprint with all models (it will look horrible, but don´t panic).
Open your event graph and set every tick all models to “not visible”.
Depending on game time show one specific model (make it visible).

As result you should see model1 from gametime 0 - 0.1, model2 from gametime 0.1-0.2, model3 from gametime 0.2-0.3, and so on.

thankyou very much!!!