Character animation with Physics

Is it possible to do character animation based on physics? I was hoping to get the effect out to be just like Gangbeast.

It is indeed (I’m also working on physics-based animation), but it’s quite difficult, depending on what degree of realism you’re after.
Gang Beasts uses “virtual forces”, i.e. forces that are not related to how the character is in contact with the ground, but applied so that when not disturbed (by other characters, for instance), they will allow a character to stand up and stay balanced.
Here’s a video from the developers, where they give some explanation about their system: Boneloaf talk Gang Beasts & Unity 5 2015 - YouTube

If you want more realism, you’ll have to look for papers and research working on this subject (there are quite a few, all of which involve more advanced computations and might be too computationally heavy to run in real time, depending on what the game has to do at the same time).

Thanks Kashi :slight_smile: