Character animation using unreal 4

I have a model that I created it is a FBX file, how do I use Unreal 4 to create animations?

You usually animate your model in a thirparty program like maya or 3ds max. After that you just export them as .FBX file. In the editor you can import that .FBX file, just make sure to check the ‘Animation’ button in the import dialog.

I use Blender a bit, are there any other tools that would do this? I really dont want to spend $1000’s on a hobby that I am not sure will result in a paid game.

Blender is what I use there really isn’t much else out there for free

Ok how can I use Blender, and tuts that you know of?

Geodav has a video on his youtube channel showing how to animate a weapon, I know its not a character but the workflows the same, the only difference is that for a character you will need to rotate the bones instead of moving them.

here is a link to his channel George Davidson - YouTube

hope it helps:)

Hey Garling, if you are a student, you can get a 36 month student license for Maya/Max. Autodesk Education & Student Access | Autodesk
Otherwise Blender is a good choice. I don’t use it myself, but I believe there is plenty of tutorials/vids out there for it.

And then after you spend 36 months learning the software you have to drop 3k on it or learn a new program.
Blender has come a long way I would just go with free to begin with :stuck_out_tongue: