Character Animation Retargeting... Weird Scaling after Retargeting

We have a Ready Player Me character that we are trying to retarget Rokoko animations to. Here’s the problem… We convert the character from a GLB to an FBX in Blender following all the instructions, import it into UE5.4, and then go to retarget the animation. In the retargeting window, everything looks great, the body is working, and morph targets are as well… After exporting animation from the retargeting window, the RPM character shrinks and distorts to the size of Ant-Man…

Any thoughts?

The other route that we tried to take was to import the GLB directly and that almost worked. The only issue with that was the morph targets on our target character are not named correctly, so it wouldn’t retarget to them. The character has ARKit morph targets, just without the normal ARKit names. If I could somehow rename them and point the source morph targets to the target morph targets, we would be good to go, but can’t figure it out.